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Consulting services aimed to facilitate our clients´ strategy through innovative solutions and economic analysis.
Our ability to execute Corporate Finance advisories and projects is based on our solid relationships with financial groups, banks and investors, as well as in our capacity to offer value-added services based on an effective and structured execution.

Our Firm

Since our inception in 1968, INDESA has established solid relationships with its clients. As a firm, we strive to work with inspiration, creativity and compromise in our projects.

What sets Indesa apart


In economic research and advisory, as well as financial and strategic advisory


Of 50 years in local and regional advisories


Experiences team of accomplished professionals with managerial experience in business, finance and banking.


Tailored made and personalized service


Foro Especial INDESA: Precios de medicamentos en el sector privado en Panamá - análisis de la complejidad del mercado.

Foro Empresarial INDESA: Lecciones de Chile para Panamá.

Foro Especial INDESA: Conversatorio con el Dr. Xavier Sáez-Llorens

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